Contribution to Higher Education and Scientific Knowledge

Within EnSO we pay special attention to higher education activities which involve Ph.D and Master Degree student in the research activities in order to provide them with a specialized formation.

Below are listed the ongoing PhD projects, Master or Bachelor programs, and exchange programs for University Studies such as COPERNICUS, ERASMUS, Marie Curie, etc.



Ongoing PhD projects

Position 1 - Université de Lorraine

Name of the PhD student : Soufiane El Oualid

Industrial Partner : Mahle 

Name of Directors : Bertrand Lenoir, Francis Kosior

Dates of the position : 01/10/2016 (-30/09/2019)

Summary of the research project : Among technologies of energy harvesting, thermoelectricity has unquestionable advantages related to its simplicity, its reliability and the absence of any moving parts and any pollution through greenhouse gas emission. These advantages are the consequence of an entirely solid state technology which converts any source of heat directly into electricity. All these favourable characteristics place the thermoelectric converters as potential candidates to provide to the connected objects of tomorrow the small quantities of energy necessary to their operation or to maintain the charge of the battery. The subject of this thesis aims at studying the conversion potential of thermoelectric generators and to predict their electrical performance. This exploratory study will be conducted using digital tools. The influence of many factors (temperature of hot and cold sides, properties of the materials, design of the generator, thermal coupling,…) on the electrical power output and on the thermomechanical properties will be examined in detail.

Position 2 - CEA, University of Paris Sud

Name of the PhD student : ARBELTIER

Type of funding : EnSO and Tours 2015

Name of Directors : Minea, Sabary

Dates of the position : 12/11/2014-10/11/2017

Summary of the research project : The research project aims at modelizing RF plasma under nitrogen atmosphere and interaction with surface of the substrate. This modelisation is very important to fully understand LiPON deposition mechanism with a rf sputtering process. LiPON is crucial in terms of battery performances (Internal resistance) and yield. Spatial repartition of flux of particules (ions, electrons, atoms) is studied in order to better understand growth of LiPON layer during sputtering. Different models from 0D to 2D are studied.

Position 3 - CEA, INPG Grenoble

Name of the PhD student : MORIN 

Type of funding : EnSO and Tours 2015

Name of Directors : Bouchet, Le Van Jodin

Dates of the position : 01/10/2015-30/09/2018

Summary of the research project : The research project aims at developing a new electrolyte with improved performances in terms of ionic conductivity compared to LiPON. New materials based on sulfur chemistry are studied. First deposition process is studied with extended physicochemical characterization. Then MIM (Metal/Isolant/Metal) structure are performed to measure electronic and ionic conductivity. Finally, integration in full batterie are done with specific attention on interface resistance. 

Position 4 - GREMAN, Univ. de Tours 

Name of the PhD student : Camille JUSTEAU

Partners : PRAYON and University of Liège

Name of Directors : D. Alquier, G. Poulin-Vittrant, K. Nadaud

Dates of the position : 01/11/2016 (-31/10/2019)

Summary of the research project : The research project aims at developing an innovative hydrothermal synthesis method of high quality ZnO NWs for non resonant mechanical energy harvesting and to evaluate the feasibility of technological process transfer to industry.



Master or Bachelor programs

UniversityTitle of the MasterDisciplines in the scope of EnSO project (including standardization) Name of the contact personWeblink
Universitat Autonoma de BarcelonaModelling of piezoelectric devices and design of a new flexoelectric alternative for energy harvesting Energy harvesting, microelectronics, modelling Gonzalo Murillo
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Inkjet printing para la integración de nanoestructuras piezoeléctricas y MEMS Energy harvesting, microelectronics, modelling Gonzalo Murillo
Polytechnic Engineering School of the University of Tours (Polytech Tours) Electronic and Mechanical Engineering - Electronic programU.E.3: Heat transfer - U.E.4: Piezoelectric Materials and their Applications - U.E.7a : Materials and Technologies for Microelectronics - U.E.6: Power Devices and Systems Nathalie Batut link
Université de ToursMaster Materials Sciences - Multifunctional materials and new technology for energyU.E.1 Electrolytes, interfaces and materials - U.E.2 Devices for Energy - U.E.5 Materials for new technologies Larbi Ammor, François Tran-Vanlink
Université de LiègeMaster Ingénieur civil électricienSignal processing and control - Electronic systems and devices - Electric power and energy systems - Embedded systems Contact (Faculté de Sciences Appliquées)link
Université de Lorraine - Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de NancyMultiscale Materials Materials by Design - Materials Characterization - Multiscale mechanics - Devices at different length-scales - Modeling at the atomic and molecular scales - From surfaces to coatings - Materials Forming Bertrand Lenoir link
Technical University of MunichMaster Automotive Software EngineeringUltr-Wide band Indoor localizationLeonardo Govoni, Thomas Rehnerlink

Exchange Programs for University Studies such as COPERNICUS, ERASMUS, Marie Curie, etc.

Universidad de Sonora - Gonzalo Murillo 

Visitor coming from Universidad de Sonora (Hermosillo, Mexico) of a PhD student with 1year stay fellowship.

Université of Tours, University of Catania - Prof. Daniel Alquier (Univ. of Tours), Prof. Salvo Mirabella (Univ. of Catania) 

Erasmus+ Programme with University of Catania: Inter-institutional agreement 2017-2021, for the exchange of students and/or staff