EnSO project aims to enhance collaboration between related European projects. Here we present InSCOPE, leaded by TNO. The purpose of the EU-funded InSCOPE project, which kicked off in January 2017, is to set up an open-access pilot line that boosts commercial adoption of hybrid printed electronics. The pilot line will be operated by leading European that possess state-of-the-art H-TOLAE equipment: CEA (FR), CPI (UK), IMEC (B), TNO (NL), and VTT (F). The InSCOPE project partners possess more than 50 years of cumulative experience with H-TOLAE technology and work hand-in-hand to determine the most appropriate hybrid printed electronics strategy, contributing their resources and expertise as needed.

InSCOPE expertise’s encompasses manufacturing (printing, component assembly, and post-processing) as well as developing and integrating functions like sensors and actuators. Four high impact showcases have been selected for validation of the pilot line service products. On top of that, the open-access pilot line will be tested on 15 SME development cases that rely on new functionality made possible by hybrid printed electronics technology. The line will remain open to interested parties after the project is completed. The InSCOPE project consortium is positioned to take on simple contract research projects such as producing test runs for specific product development cases or can lead larger programs to develop state-of-the-art customer showcases. Businesses that work with InSCOPE receive full support in scaling up their H-TOLAE processes for manufacturing, with access to an advanced materials library (substrate, inks, printing plates, conductive adhesive, protective coatings, etc.) and assistance designing functions using the InSCOPE design rules. After the first year, the open-access pilot line service is operational. The public design handbook of the pilot line (available from the project website at is utilized to generate even more awareness and in parallel provide hybrid TOLAE production guidelines and product possibilities.

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