EnSO related publications

Batteries related publications

Direct bonding and debonding approach of ultrathin glass substrates for high temperature devices 

M. Bedjaoui, S. Poulet 

ECTC - 2017 

Dual Cation- and Anion-Based Redox Process in Lithium Titanium Oxysulfide Thin Film Cathodes for All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries 

V. Dubois, B. Pecquenard, S. Soulé, H. Martinez, F. Le Cras

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces- 2017 

Electrochemical performances of Li4Mn5O12 films prepared by spray-coated sol-gel reaction 

C. Alié, C. Calberg, C. Páez, D. Liquet, D. Eskenazi, B. Heinrichs and N. Job 

Journal of Power Sources- 2018  

Photo-Initiated Cross-Linking of a Methacrylate/Ionic Liquid Based Gel Polymer Electrolyte: Effect of the Curing Sequence on the Electrochemical Properties 

H. Porthault, G. Piana, M. Cesbron, V. Armel, A. Bazin, S. Franger and S. Oukassi 

J. Phys. Chem. C- 2019 

Water-Based Paintable LiCoO2 Microelectrodes: A HighRate Li-Ion Battery Free of Conductive and Binder Additives 

C. Pàez Martinez, C. Exantus, D. Dallel, C. Alié, C. Calberg, D. Liquet, D. Eskenazi, F. Deschamps, N. Job, B. Heinrichs

Advanced Materials Technologies- 2019 

Handling of glass and ceramic ultrathin substrates for flexible thin film batteries

M. Bedjaoui, J. Amiran, S. Poulet, N. Lopez, J. Rouchou 

Proceedings - 2018

Laser Frit Sealing Approach for Ultrathin Glass

M. Bedjaoui, J. Brun, J. Amiran 

Proceedings - 2019

Ultrathin Glass to Ultrathin Glass Bonding Using Laser Sealing Approach

M. Bedjaoui, J. Brun, J. Amiran 

Proceedings - 2019

Chemical thinning approach for high-topography glass wafers

M. Bedjaoui, J. Brun, S. Martin, R. Salot 

Proceedings - 2020

Energy harvesting related publications

Organic/Inorganic hybrid stretchable piezoelectric nanogenerators for self-powered wearable electronic

A. S. Dahiya, F. Morini, S. Boubenia, K. Nadaud, D. Alquier, G. Poulin-Vittrant 

Advanced Materials Technologies - 2017

A facile hydrothermal approach for the density tunable growth of ZnO nanowires and their electrical characterizations 

S. Boubenia, A. S. Dahiya, G. Poulin-Vittrant, F. Morini, K. Nadaud, D. Alquier 

Scientific Reports - 2017 

Improving Morphological Quality and Uniformity of Hydrothermally Grown ZnO Nanowires by Surface Activation of Catalyst Layer 

G. Murillo, H. Lozano, J. Cases, M. Lee, J. Esteve 

Nanoscale Research Letters - 2017

Zinc oxide nanowire-parylene nanocomposite based stretchable piezoelectric nanogenerators for self-powered wearable electronics 

A S Dahiya, F Morini, S Boubenia, C Justeau, K Nadaud, K P Rajeev, D Alquier, G Poulin-Vittrant 

J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. - 2018

Double buffer circuit for the characterization of piezoelectric nanogenerators based on ZnO nanowires 

Kevin Nadaud, François Morini, Abhishek S. Dahiya, Camille Justeau, Sarah Boubenia, Kiron P. Rajeev, Daniel Alquier and Guylaine Poulin-Vittrant

Appl. Phys. Lett. - 2018

Photoluminescence study of the influence of additive ammonium hydroxide in hydrothermally grown ZnO nanowires 

A. S. Dahiya, S. Boubenia, F. Giorgia, G. Poulin-Vittrant, S. Mirabella, D. Alquier 

Nanoscale Research Letters  - 2018

Towards the Monolithic Integration of Converter circuitry and Piezoelectric MEMS Energy Harvesters

Marcos Duque, Edgardo Leon-Salguero, Jordi Sacristán, Jaume Esteve and Gonzalo Murillo

Proceedings - 2018

Dominant Role of Young’s Modulus for Electric Power Generation in PVDF–BaTiO3 Composite-Based Piezoelectric Nanogenerator 

Hyun Kim, Dong Lee, Do Kim, Dae Kong, Jinhyeok Choi, Minbaek Lee, Gonzalo Murillo, Jong Jung 

Nanomaterials - 2018

Floating buoy-based triboelectric nanogenerator for an effective vibrational energy harvesting from irregular and random water waves in wild sea

Dong Yeong Kim, Hyun Soo Kim, Dae Sol Kong, Moonkang Choi, Hak Bum Kim, Jae-Hyoung Lee, Gonzalo Murillo, Minbaek Lee, Sang Sub Kim, Jong Hoon Jung Nano

Energy - 2018

System for automated solar cells characterization, SPICE modelling and simple energy harvester module application 

A. Boura, P. Martinek 

Electroscope - 2018   

Challenges of low-temperature synthesized ZnO nanostructures and their integration into nano-systems 

G. Poulin-Vittrant, A. S.Dahiya, S. Boubenia, K. Nadaud, F. Morini, C. Justeau, D. Alquier 

Materials Science in Semiconductor processing - 2019

Optimization of a Piezoelectric Energy Harvester and Design of a Charge Pump Converter for CMOS-MEMS Monolithic Integration 

Duque, Marcos, Leon-Salguero, Edgardo, Sacristán, Jordi, Esteve, Jaume, Murillo, Gonzalo 

Sensors - 2019 

Role of aluminum and HMTA in the hydrothermal synthesis of two-dimensional n-doped ZnO nanosheets 

G Murillo, E Leon-Salguero, PR Martínez-Alanis, J Esteve, F. Guell 

Nano Energy - 2019

Permanently hydrophilic, piezoelectric PVDF nanofibrous scaffolds promoting unaided electromechanical stimulation on osteoblasts 

Maria Kitsara, Andreu Blanquer, Gonzalo Murillo, Vincent Humblot, Sara De Bragança Vieira, Carme Nogués, Elena Ibáñez, Jaume Esteve, Leonardo Barrios 

Nanoscale - 2019 

Stability evaluation of ZnO nanosheet based source-gated transistors 

A. S. Dahiya, R. A. Sporea, G. Poulin-Vittrant, D. Alquier 

Scientific Reports - 2019 

Deposition time and annealing effects of ZnO seed layer on enhancing vertical alignment of piezoelectric ZnO nanowires 

T. Slimani Tlemcani, C. Justeau, K. Nadaud, G. Poulin-Vittrant, D. Alquier 

Chemosensors - 2019 

Effect of the excitation waveform on the average power and peak power delivered by a piezoelectric generator 

K. Nadaud, G. Poulin-Vittrant, D. Alquier 

Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing - 2019

A comparative study on the effects of Au, ZnO and AZO seed layers on the performance of ZnO nanowire-based piezoelectric nanogenerators 

C. Justeau, T. Slimani Tlemcani, G. Poulin-Vittrant, K. Nadaud, D. Alquier 

Materials - 2019 

Innovative design of bismuth-telluride-based thermoelectric micro-generators with high output power

S. El Oualid, F. Kosior, A. Dauscher, C. Candolfi, G. Span, E. Mehmedovic, J. Paris et B. Lenoir

Energy & Environmental Science - 2020



Flexible electronics related publications

Influence of Flexibility of the Interconnects on the Dynamic Bending Reliability of Flexible Hybrid Electronics 

N. Palavesam, W. Hell, A. Drost, C. Landesberger, C. Kutter, K. Bock 

Electronics - 2020