Smart Mobility and Smart Production

The aim is to design a bearing condition monitoring system with an embedded rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery will replace the prevalent use of non-rechargeable cell. The system will integrate low energy communication protocols and harvesting energy. The application targeted cover the industrial segments such as Energy (Large size bearing) and transportation (Truck, Off highway, Airplane or railways).

The application is a modular & hybrid smart tag dedicated to industrial environment and covering all in the area of manufacturing, logistic and maintenance applications requiring asset monitoring (equipment, wip, tools, RTI, embedded sub-equipment) and operational process efficiency and robustness improvement. 

The goal of this use case is the development of a self-sufficient indoor localization and communication system for wireless sensors. The current communication platforms from AED will be improved and integrated with the EnSO modules in order to reach the expected objectives.

The goal of this use case is to provide Autonomous RF Sensor Node System for Indoor and Outdoor localization.