Smart Society

The application was an ISO Smart Card Evolution (display and/or connected smart card) operating in various configurations such as Payment, eBanking, or Government programs, all in the area of securing the digital data of end-users. 

The purpose of this use case was to study, enhance and provide high reliability to the energy sources necessary to power a reference implementation of display and RF communications in a smart card needing to be connected, as a "secure companion" or vault, on longer lifetime duration. The battery energy density, specific thin and flexible form factor and power efficiency are key items to be addressed. On the other hand, wireless fast charging capability and efficient energy harvesting solutions are also key points to help the deployment of easy-to-use and environmental friendly products for end-users. 

The purpose of this use case was to study the energy necessary to power an emerging new use case for payment cards.

NATURGY targeted with this use case the introduction of sensors and actuators in gas distribution networks, allowing massive measurement of parameters as flow and pressure at supply points in a simple and low cost way.

The application targets the deployment of advanced and sophisticated electronic meter allowing monitoring of gas consumption in established periods (day, month, etc) using an internal memory.

OJMAR proposed a new approach of smart lock to offer an efficient solution for individual and automatic recognition through smart phone for allowing access of authorized employees to facilities and closed spaces.

The purpose of this use case is to develop a wireless temperature monitoring of a building central heating system components as pipes, boilers and radiators.

The purpose of this use case was to design & develop an Air Flow Distribution Control, powered by an Enerbee generator, and to develop a robust energy harvesting solution answering the specific harsh environment (temperature, humidity, dust,…)