Join the Clubes de Ciencia España with CNM-CSIC! (copy 1)

CNM-CSIC is involved in Clubes de Ciencia España.

This international organization targets to inspire the new Spanish scientist generation. To that goal they are creating an international networking where young talented scientists from prestigious universities come into play as the mentor of the future scientists. After 4 years, it has been already expanded to 7 countries (Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay and Brazil). Spain is the first European country joining Clubes de Ciencia. In so little time, Clubes de Ciencia becomes a scientific revolution and a leader on international mentoring having impacted to more than 10K students in 20 cities around Latinoamerica. In the first Edition, held in Granada, 222 applications were received (112 male and 110 female) and 110 students were finally selected to attend the 8 different workshops of the conference. Gonzalo Murillo (CSIC) was part of the founder team, helping with the management and giving a workshop entitled “Internet of nanoThings”, related to his EnsO participation. In addition, a symposium was held in the Parque de las Ciencias de Granada in September 6, where he gave a talk entitled “towards an Internet of nanoThings ubiquitous and autonomous” with more than 150 attendees

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Last Event date: Sept. 3-7 2018, Granada, Spain