Main results achieved

New AMES generation available

This fourth version of AMES (Autonomous Micro Energy Source) embedds the last developped building blocks (flexible interposer, ACF connection for batteries) and an optimized design to take into consideration previous end users feedbacks.

Visit our show cases pages to have a look on our prototypes…

New videos are now available that describe the different prototypes and use cases we developped during the EnSO project.

You have also direct access to open papers on the technological building blocks we developped. 

Smart Technologies

Dissemination activities

… and to contact us for support to power your future product

EnSO partners are still committed to develop its unique and high added value technological portfolio and especially AMES.

We are ready to distribute AMES components and customize it to fit with your requirements. EnSO remains active as a hub.

You can have access to expertise on the different EnSO building blocks: energy storage, energy harvesting, smart charging, design, printing and assembly on flexible substrates.

Each EnSO partner is an entry to the hub. Nevertheless, in order to facilitate contacting the following partners partners can support you:

  • CEA for Energy Storage,
  • FhG-IIS for Energy Harvesting and Design,
  • TNO for printing and assembly.

If a multipartner project is needed, BLM can support the management part.