Context & perspectives

Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining more and more attention in the electronic industry. IoT is a concept where every day’s objects will be able to communicate together and are connected through Internet.

24 Billion of connected devices are expected to operate worldwide by 2020. At this period of time, more than 1/3 of this quantity is expected to be IoT Smart Objects.

A key element is the electronic hardware based on several building blocks, such as sensors, actuators, micro controllers, communication interfaces, power conditioning ICs, energy harvesters and storage Devices.

These Smart objects have to be autonomous, easy to use and handle, as small as possible, robust and long lasting with a long operating life time! Whatever they will be, there is always a key ingredient for all the electronic systems which is the need to be powered with a minimum of energy. Energy is key for IoT Smart Objects emerging market.  

EnSO “Energy for Smart Objects” project is focusing on this very generic need with the goal to provide Autonomous Micro Energy Sources (AMES). AMES will at least consist of 3 elements:

  • micro storage
  • energy harvester and smart charger and
  • power conditioning IC.