The key applications

The key applications targeted by EnSO are:

  • Smart Society,
  • Smart Health,
  • Smart Mobility and Production.

Smart Health

- Smart Eyewear for IOP measurement

- Bruxisme treatment Splin
- Chronic Diseases Managment Sensors

- Wearable Sensor

- Rechargeable Hearing aid

- Autonomous self-powered active implantable medical use case

- Miniaturized Module for Health: Continuous Glucose Monitoring 

Smart Society

- Secure authentication Wearable
- Display card

- Electronic Seal
- Meter Supervisor

- Smart Lock

Smart Mobility & Smart Production

- Industrial asset monitoring

- Autonomous Sensor Nodes for Wirless Networks in aircraft

- Indoor Localization and Navigation Support

- Peaple & objectives tracking with RF sensor Smart-TAG

- Autonomous condition monitoring for bearings