Structure & organization

EnSO’s objectives can be summarised as follows :

  1. Demonstrate the competiveness of EnSO energy solutions for powering the autonomous Smart objects of the targeted Smart Society and Smart Health key applications
  2. Disseminate EnSO energy solutions with easy to use demonstration kits, and support autonomous smart objects prototyping in a large number of use cases, to foster the take-up of emerging markets
  3. Develop high reliability assembly technologies of shapeable micro batteries, energy harvester and power management building blocks for Autonomous Micro Energy Sources «AMES»
  4. Develop and demonstrate very hight capacity (> 20 mAh) and very high density (> 300Wh/l), low profile, shapeable, long time, rechargeable micro battery product family (multiple voltages, low internal resistance, short circuit tolerant, high temperature assembly)
  5. Develop customizable smart recharge and energy harvesting enabling technologies with adequate power conditioner IP blocks for Autonomous Micro Energy Source «AMES»
  6. Demonstrate and evaluate the AMES design and manufacturing capability based on generic key enabling building blocks (storage harvesting and power conditioning) for smart autonomous micro-systems 

In order to meet the objectives, EnSO Work breaking structure is based on 6 main work packages